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Alt Intro Series: Intro to Experimental Filmmaking

  • February 09, 2021
  • 18:00 - 21:00
  • Zoom


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This workshop will cover the basics of experimental filmmaking, from defining the term itself to talking about production - working with and without other people, editing, overall technique, applying for grants and playing your experimental film in film festivals.   

Instructor: Chris Spencer-Lowe

Christopher Spencer-Lowe (CSL) is an award-winning filmmaker, media artist and performer of unusual works in public. His short  TRANSFER (2014), created from found super 8 home movies and semi-autobiographical scripted sequences garnered significant attention and awards at multiple festivals. NOSTALGIACHOLIA, LIVE FROM THE PAST (Halifax, Nocturne Art at Night, 2015), an installation where passers-by were literally projected inside of the home movies of strangers was experienced by over 1,400 participants in one night. Coming full circle, CSL’s third work in the ‘Nostalgiacholia’ trilogy was appropriately co-created by his daughter and inspiration, Harley, from age two to age four. TWO (2016), commissioned by AFCOOP, screened at various festivals and galleries internationally. The short uses fragmented Super 8 photography and treated recordings of Harley and CSL’s two years at home together to re-create the experience of memory in the cinema. CSL‘s short film commission, ALETORIA (2017), established a new cinematic interest for CSL, that of using chance and aleatoric practices to create work in a cinematic context.

Parallel to this direction, CSL formed the performance collective HUMAN DESIRE MACHINE with Czech-Canadian artist Misha Horacek in 2015. The duo combine performance action, movement, live sound creation and expanded cinema elements to create interdisciplinary live performances.  The core explorations of HDM lie in the relationships between living bodies and inanimate machines, ritual actions as a force for change and the re-purposing of objects and outmoded technology as dramatic instruments. 

CSL is an active member of the Halifax filmmaking and arts community, often teaching film and media art and serving on various boards and committees.

Please note dates are tentative and subject to change, workshops may be added or removed depending on registration numbers and interest. 

Price: $25/35 plus HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

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