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Marketing for Film

  • April 24, 2018
  • 18:00 - 21:00
  • 5663 Cornwallis. Suite. 101
  • 18


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Marketing Workshop:
In today’s film landscape, viewers are spoiled for choice in ways we could never before imagine, from online streaming to cinemas once traditionally focused on new releases now diversifying their entertainment offerings to draw audiences. Grasping for dominance, the big studios now question the viability of individual film endeavours like never before. Never has it been harder to get an independent film MADE, let alone seen. 

But with immense challenge comes great opportunity - the busy, frenetic crowded marketplace of the internet has also yielded hyper-niche audience groups free to find each other and pursue their unusual interests through a shared community focus. And if you know where to look, you can find the exact audience most likely to be thrilled by the story you’re hoping to tell. 

It's up to us as film marketers not just to capitalize on this kind of zeal, but also to deploy low-cost, high-return digital opportunities to gain ground with niche audiences groups, endearing them to our aims and turning them into vocal project enthusiasts even long before the cameras roll.

This marketing workshop offers a no-nonsense approach and a easy-to-follow checklist to plan how your marketing will take advantage of these opportunities - and how you can start now, even before pre-pro.
Price: $45/55 (Member/Non-Member Tax Included)

Instructor: Sarah Riley
Sarah’s multifaceted background has led her to executive roles at the intersection of business development, marketing, and brand and product strategy for the creative industries. As a digitally-focused brand strategist at Halifax-based ad firm Impact, she built brands and planned launch campaigns for businesses like Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, FITC, NSCAD; films like DETENTION, WEIRDOS, BLACKBIRD, ROLLERTOWN; TV shows like ADDISON; Artists like JEFF ROSEN and LUXI STUDIOWORKS; commercial film for SUPPLY and DEMAND and HUMBLE.TV, and countless local startups (even winning a GOLD Ice Award during her tenure at IMPACT). Driving consumer engagement for innovative and niche products and creative offerings is her number one passion.

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