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Practical Magic – Practical Effects on a Shoestring

  • August 12, 2014
  • 18:00 - 21:00
  • 5663 Cornwallis St
  • 16


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In this workshop award-winning filmmaker Tim Tracey will explore the world of affordable practical effects.  Tim will delve into his own experiences creating practical effects on micro budget films, demonstrate how he has crafted some amazing props and provide some of the tricks and tips he has picked up over the years. Tim will be happy to provide guidance for any concerns or question you may encounter on your own project so come with some ideas!


August 12, 6PM-9PM

$35 AFCOOP Members

$45 General Public 


Instructor : Tim Tracey is a small town boy, who dreamed of one day being a fisherman, unfortunately a crippling fear of boats ended that dream before it could start.  Tim's next dream involved becoming a radioactive turtle, with his Ninja Turtle action figures in tow young Tim wandered around karate chopping everything in sight. Nothing was safe from this seven-year-old reptile wanna be. Soon the karate chops become boring and little Tim wanted a sai and nunchaku, in the time before the internet this would be a difficult purchase so the decision to make these instruments of carnage out of Styrofoam was an obvious one. This began his passion for practical effects and he has been creating his own practical effects since.  Tim is currently editing his latest feature film ‘Canadian Ninja’.         

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